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Help and FAQ

Tips and Tricks


Each book comes with a minimum amount of 20 pages, or 10 sheets, printed on both sides. If you need more pages, simply click on “insert” and select “new page”. Pages will be inserted in increments of 2, and you can go to a maximum of 100 pages for each book style that we offer. Note when deleting pages click on the page you wish to have deleted and “edit”, “delete page” be aware that pages will be deleted in increments of 2 as well.


Select a background from the Background menu (right hand side) Click on your choice and drag that background onto an empty page. The software will ask you: “Single page” or “double page”.

It is nice to have the same background on opposite pages, but you can do your own and select “single” if you like. You can drag a photo of your choice to an empty page and use this photo as a background or have your best shot spread out over 2 pages and leave it at that the options are endless.
You can use the various filters as described above. Now place photos on top of your background. Either by right clicking on the page and select: “Insert”, then select “landscape “ or “portrait” photo frame or by simply clicking on a photo, drag it to the page and select “add photo”

Picture Borders

Click on “picture borders” (right hand lower side) click on the border of your choice and drag it to a photo. Let go off the mouse and the border is placed around the photo. You can create all other pages in your book first. Then, when done, go back to the page with the first selected picture border, right click on that border, click “edit” and select: “apply border to all photos”. Automatically, all photos in your book will get the very same picture border, which saves time and avoids picking different ones in a book. Unless of course you like that, then just pick a border per photo individually. Mac users: click on the border and then click “edit” on the top of your screen and select also “apply border to all photos”.

Picture Shapes

On the right hand lower side you can select all sorts of fun picture shapes, such as Ovals or Stars. Once a picture is on a page, click on “picture shapes” select and click your choice and drag it on top of the photo in your book. Then let go of the mouse and you’ll have your photo in a new shape! All other features as described above work also in these fun shapes.

Clip Art

On the right hand lower side you can select “Clip Art” to work like a Scrapbooker and use all sorts of stuff to make your book look different and fun: Flowers, Suns, Halloween, Christmas, name it, it’s there! Click on a sub category inside the Clip Art and make your choice. Click on a fun ornament and drag it onto a page. Let the mouse go once arrived and, voila, your Clip Art selection is in your book. Click on it again and make the Clip Art piece larger, smaller, or add a drop shadow.
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