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Help and FAQ


To print at Creations by You, you will need to be connected to the Internet and have a web browser. To begin:

1. Upon launching My Photo Creations  you will arrive at the main screen. On the left you will find the product list, listing the types of products you can create. More to the center is your work area. In the work area you will find the current view / project to the right, and the command buttons that apply on his workspaceto the left.

2. The software will lead you through the process of creating, uploading, and ordering your products.

3. The system will process your item and prepare it for printing. When this is done, the system will need to upload your item to our Creations by You server for print.

4. You are now ready to upload the file to our DigiLabs servers. You will need to be connected to the web to perform this upload. You will get the following dialog box:

Choose “View” to view the project file as it will be sent to print in a PDF format. It is highly recommended that you proof your project at this stage. Check for typographical errors, fonts used, missing or low quality images, or any element that may not be displayed properly on the page ― anything that does not look right. How your item appears in the PDF file is how it will appear when printed as well. You will need Adobe Acrobat Viewer to view the file. Choose “Continue” to start the upload process. If you wish to correct anything in your calendar project, click “Cancel,” then simply go back to your project and fix what needs fixing, and repeat this process again.

5. Once the upload is complete, your web browser will launch to our web site.
Here you will provide information about the order, such as the quantity desired, the shipping address, and the preferred shipping method. You will approve the cost, provide billing information, and finally, approve the purchase.

Your order will be processed in seconds and should move into production very quickly.