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Help and FAQ

Getting Started

To help your project go smoothly and avoid some frustration

One of the first and most important steps in creating your photo book will be the selecting your photos. Be sure when selecting your photos that you store them in a permanent location (in a folder with a name such as “Summer Holiday 2010 photos) on your computer’s hard drive.  Do not let them sit on a memory stick, CD or other external drive.  The Creations by You software only saves file extensions, NOT the actual photographs.   If using a memory stick, CD or any other external drive it MUST be attached to the computer at all times, otherwise the photos will not load a second time and you will be unable to work on your project over a period of time.  Again, it is best to store your photos in a designated file on your hard drive.  Working with multiple external devices is not an option, unless they are all attached to your PC at the same time. When saving photos always be sure to save at full size rather than allowing them to be reduced down (which is the default on many computers).  If you have questions about this please call us at 888-663-1166 or 250-338-6364 (Mon – Fri 8-4 Pacific time) or contact us by email at

Make a habit of saving your photo book project as you are working on it to avoid the frustration if for some reason your computer shuts down unexpectedly.  Use the “Save As” option and give the project a name such as “Summer Holiday 2010” – this allows you to work on your project over a period of time and during multiple sessions.

Look at the far left upper corner on your screen

You can select from Photo Books, Calendars, Gallery Wraps or Greeting Cards.

1. Click on “Photo Books”.

2. A Photo Book creation screen pops up.

3. Look at the left upper corner of this new screen and select: “create new”

4. A new screen pops up, showing the many different books you can create:

5. Select and click on the type of book you would like to order.

6. The simple way to use the software is to select: “Easy Photo Book Wizard”. This feature helps you creating a book by following easy step-by-step directions. You can always make changes at the end of this process, nothing is written in stone, you are in charge at all times! The software prepares your book automatically.

7. If you are comfortable with a computer and software, select “Start empty book”

8. Click on the “+” symbol at the bottom to load your photos into the software and get started.